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Vantage Point

You’ll find evaluators with extensive education, training, and experience in psychological and forensic assessment. We adhere to the highest standards of practice in our field and perform rigorous evaluations that are tailored to the referral question at hand. Our assessments typically involve in-depth interviews, psychological testing, and record reviews. Vantage Point evaluators analyze and integrate the resulting data to produce thorough and objective reports, which clearly communicate our opinions. We provide expert and impartial analysis in cases ranging from the straightforward to uniquely complex.

About Us

In 2019, two experienced psychologists – Drs. Lindeman and Osborn – recognized the need for a comprehensive, psychological assessment center in the Twin Cities. We set out to meet that need by founding Vantage Point Psychological Consultants, PLLC. Our organization provides a single point of contact for individuals, doctors, attorneys, and other professionals to request psychological evaluations addressing a wide range of issues – including diagnostic evaluations, neuropsychological examinations, violence risk assessments, forensic evaluations, and more. We provide kind and experienced professionals – and a comfortable and inviting environment – for our assessments, allowing comfort as people face difficult situations in their lives.