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Other Services We Provide

Other Services we Provide

Attorney Consultation:

Vantage Point experts consult with attorneys about a variety of issues, such as providing feedback about other evaluators’ forensic reports and the extent to which they: 1) conformed with best practices 2) utilized appropriate psychological tests; 3) accurately interpreted assessment results; 4) provided accurate diagnoses based on the evidence at hand; 5) correctly applied or interpreted statutory criteria and relevant case law; 6) offered opinions supported by the available data and relevant research findings; and, 7) completed the evaluation in an unbiased manner. Additional consultation areas include reviewing records to identify mental health concerns or provide a recommendation for further evaluation or a second opinion; providing feedback about evaluators’ academic and professional experience; assisting with the development of questions and/or strategy for direct or cross-examination of mental health experts; reviewing research articles and literature relevant to the case; providing expert testimony on mental health issues and best practices in forensic evaluation; and more.

Case Consultation For evaluators:

Forensic psychologists often encounter complex cases, which involve a myriad of issues impacting the diagnostic process and the formation of one’s psycholegal opinion. Consultation with another forensic expert can help ensure that one has considered all relevant issues in a case, as well as appropriate statutory criteria and case law. Vantage Point evaluators  can assist other forensic psychologists in these areas and others, including effective communication of one’s opinion in writing and on the witness stand.